Thursday, March 24, 2011


When it comes to wedding, flowers are among the first few things that come to your mind. The wholesale dealers of floral products and services experience the busiest time of the year during the wedding season. If you are planning for marriage, you ought to contact a wholesale dealer of floral products. They will decorate the venue with the most popular wedding flowers, which will not only satisfy your taste, but also give a unique look to your wedding venue.

Wondering which flowers to choose for the decoration? Let's provide you with some ideas, so far as it concerns floral decoration on wedding ceremony. The most liked among the most popular wedding flowers is Calla Lilies. It is available almost all through the year. Except a few months, the prices of this flower are very easily affordable. There is an advantage of choosing this flower for your wedding decoration. The petals of Calla Lilies do not tend to be bruised easily by normal handling. And, so far as its look is concerned, it is undoubtedly one of those flowers that have the beauty to take any atmosphere to a different dimension.

Casablanca Lilies cannot be excluded, especially when talking about the most popular wedding flowers. They are flat blooms that cover a wide space or surface. Be it a bouquet or a floral decoration on the wall, Casablanca Lilies can be your choice. The light shades of different colors on the white petals make the ambience perfect for a wedding ceremony. One more important thing about this flower is that it has a very strong but sweet fragrance that they scatter till the time they remain fresh. So, when you are going to contact flower wholesalers, you can also give specific orders about decoration with Casablanca Lilies.

Gardenia is another flower that you can consider for your wedding decoration. The fragrance of this richly scented flower is associated with wedding by traditions more than one. When you contact flower wholesalers for decoration with this flower, they might charge comparatively higher prices. You have no reason to think that they are cheating you. Gardenias usually come at higher prices. So, it would be wise of you to get bouquets and corsages made of these flowers.

Hydrangeas are a must-include while we are talking about wedding flowers that are popularly known and used. They are available all the year round. The light bluish shades of the petals look fabulous when they dazzle bright to light up your wedding ceremony. True, they look great. But one thing to keep in mind is that these flowers wilt easily. These thirsty flowers are always in need of fluids. So, if you plan to decorate your wedding venue with these flowers, you have to make sure that water is sprinkled on them on regular intervals.

Well, you may not like to go for the flowers that are traditionally popular as wedding flowers. In that case pick your choice and update the flower wholesale dealers about your requirements and preference.

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